How to Spot Pseudoscience on the Internet

the smartDOT

1. Targeting a Real Fear

Big scary cell tower

2. A Solution That’s Too Good to Be True

energydots’ SPACE PYRAMID — yours for only $195
The magnetic pattern inside of a smartDOT

3. Fake Scientific Studies

“Retuned” energy fields
A screenshot of the Centre for Biofield Sceicnes’ website. “harmonious synergy” sounds very scientific

4. Products That Do Literally Nothing

Lastly, it’s important to perform your own research. Try and find someone who purchased the product and empirically evaluated its claims.

My Baofeng with a smartDOT on it
Some of my test setup in CubicSDR

energydots’ Response

I wanted to get energydots’ take on my initial findings before publishing this article. Here’s what I sent:



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Alex Wulff

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