How to Spot Pseudoscience on the Internet

the smartDOT

1. Targeting a Real Fear

Big scary cell tower

2. A Solution That’s Too Good to Be True

energydots’ SPACE PYRAMID — yours for only $195

smartDOT is programmed to harmonize or retune the EMF frequencies from the electronic equipment you use regularly. Each cell in our body acts like an antenna, an extremely sensitive transmitter of electromagnetic radiation; the body will thus ‘pick up’ and react to any such field to which it is exposed. Retune these fields and enable the body to relax!

The magnetic pattern inside of a smartDOT

3. Fake Scientific Studies

“Retuned” energy fields
A screenshot of the Centre for Biofield Sceicnes’ website. “harmonious synergy” sounds very scientific

4. Products That Do Literally Nothing

My Baofeng with a smartDOT on it
Some of my test setup in CubicSDR

energydots’ Response

The research linked with smartDOTs on the energydots website indicates that the smartDOTs “retune” the electromagnetic radiation being emitted from devices around us. To test this, I utilized a 5W RF transmitter to act as a source of electromagnetic radiation and a software-defined radio to receive the radiation and monitor any changes as a result of dot placement. I placed the smartDOTs in different places on both the receiver and transmitter and saw no noticeable change in the received signal. I tried a variety of frequencies, ranging from those typical of FM/AM radio all the way up to the 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals emitted from routers and microwaves.

Is there something I’m missing in the test setup? Do you have any of your own research (peer reviewed, with data available)? I would love to hear your thoughts.

We do not use an EMF meter to test or demonstrate our products. We have independent double blind placebo controlled research which clearly shows the effect on the human organism. The reason we don’t use EMF meters is firstly that you cannot alter the ambient EMF i.e. the EMF in the air around you and also and more fundamentally the EMF reader will still read as normal but yet when you test the effect the ‘retuned’ EMF has it has clearly altered. The way to understand this is to understand that the frequencies have been altered at a subtle level. All the research is available on the website:



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