Are you running out of space on your computer, but don’t want to hurt machine learning performance with a slow drive? Thunderbolt 3 SSDs are the answer.

I have recently started training models in TensorFlow on some rather large datasets. My already-taxed internal SSD soon ran out of what little space it had left, prompting me to find another solution.

I had an old external SSD lying around, so I tried moving my 20 GB dataset onto…

Want to train machine learning models on your Mac’s integrated AMD GPU or an external graphics card? Look no further than PlaidML.

Anyone who has tried to train a neural network with TensorFlow on macOS knows that the process kind of sucks. TensorFlow can only leverage the CPU on Macs, as GPU-accelerated training requires an Nvidia chipset (there is a fork of TensorFlow that can use GPUs on macOS, but it’s still…

Misguided caution about the health effects of cellphones and their networks is hindering progress

I am a student at Harvard College studying electrical engineering and am in no way affiliated with telecommunications companies or lobbyist groups seeking to expedite the rollout of 5G or activist groups seeking to halt its rollout.

WeWe are on the verge of a communications revolution. The global rollout of…

But they’re already polluting the sky

YYou may have seen one of the countless articles peppering news feeds about satellite constellation-based internet connectivity such as Starlink by SpaceX or OneWeb. A few companies have deployed their first satellites, and many more, such as Amazon, have filed applications with the FCC and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)…

Alex Wulff

I'm a Harvard student, maker, and radio enthusiast. Check out my book on radio communications at and my website at

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